who’s w00tonomy?

Tony Purcell – Online Strategy and Research Director

Tony is a pioneer of the Internet industry in Scotland and a serial entrepreneur. He founded Communicata in 1995, a company specialising in web application development. Along with developing web applications, the company produced promotional websites for a number of large corporates including Sony, Scottish & Newcastle, The WM Company, Newcastle United Football Club, General Accident and the SQA. In 1999 the company was listed in Oracle’s top 50 list of e-business solutions providers worldwide. In 2001 Tony founded CIVIC with Graham Jones which went on to become the leading digital agency in Scotland. CIVIC provides a wide range of web services to the public sector in Scotland and is a supplier to the Scottish Government. Tony is also a business mentor and represents the interactive industry on the Scottish Skillset industry panel.

Dr Graham Jones – Client Services & Planning Director

Graham was Managing Director of CIVIC, Scotland’s fastest growing Online Communications Agency from its inception, in August 2001 to Nov 2007. In this time the business grew from an initial £0.5m and 7 staff to £2m with a staff of 28 people. His responsibilities throughout this period were to provide the strategic vision and direction to meet the needs of a dynamic and rapidly growing marketplace. His responsibilities also included Client & project Management, contractual negotiations, managing legal risk, business development and marketing of the agency. He was successful in establishing a reputation for credibility and industry expertise with clients to the extent that CIVIC became trusted suppliers to the Scottish Government. Graham has also worked for 7 years in the software industry, 5 years at Edinburgh University as Research Associate & 4 years as a Management Accountant.

Stewart Kirkpatrick – Content Marketing Director

Stewart is a Scottish online journalist, digital publishing consultant and lecturer. He joined his first dotcom just before the lastminute.com share price crashed. (Remember that?) Things got better after that. Eventually.

Nauseating self-promotion ahead, please skip in the interests of good taste:

"In my seven years as Editor of scotsman.com , traffic increased tenfold to four million unique users a month. The site became one of Google’s top worldwide news sources. The site won the Newspaper Society’s best daily newspaper site award three times. In the Newspaper Awards, it was listed ahead of papers like the FT. Our original online content saw scotsman.com shortlisted for several national and international journalism awards. Mediaweek rated it as the sixth biggest news site in the UK. Hitwise said it was the eighth. And the UK Press Gazette listed me as one of the top 50 people shaping online journalism . That was just before the UKPG shut down…"

(For more in this ego-stroking vein, see his LinkedIn profile .)

In 2004, he wrote a column predicting the second dotcom boom and jokingly promising that he would soon be charging companies to talk about “generating granular paradigms” and “utilising clickable eyeballs” – phrases he culled from the excellent Web Economy Bullshit Generator . As a consultant he now does this in all seriousness … and he understands what they mean.

He believes that – thanks to atomisation and disintermediation – we are about to see a Golden Age of journalism. No really.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us .

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