w00tonomy one of top 15 new agencies – The Drum

Those nice people at The Drum have named w00tonomy as one of the top new agencies. We’ve also got a piece in this issue about our seven deadly sins of online publishing.

And we’ve spotted a must-have addition to our bookshelf, “Get content, get customers” by Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 fame.

w00tonomy content marketing cast: Mark Gorman

Mark Gorman of Thinkhard talks about the future of marketing in Scotland. We like to rave about the wonders of cost-effective videos and podcasting so we’ve put our mouth where our money is and produced this interview.

Se7en deadly sins of online – LUST

We are uncovering w00tonomy’s take on the se7en deadly sins and the virtues of Content Marketing. These are the vices we’ve seen drag businesses into the express elevator to redesign hell. Going down!

LUST – project blindness and desire to deliver

birth of venus Businesses and agencies love projects. The project world is a familiar and comfortable place for us all; we know how to scrum, scope, budget,and deliver. And to put icing on the cake we enjoy that great feeling of hitting the finishing line, the launch party.

Too often, though, we are seduced into failing to realise that how the site looks is less important than how it works .

For our customers there is little short to medium term benefit in what happens prior to the launch date. The value to them comes afterwards. Delivering this value is based on publishing engaging content that is targeted at different audience segments. Even though many businesses understand this principle, they struggle to achieve it because they are geared towards one-off project delivery rather than the continuous improvement model for online publishing via effecive content marketing.

This is why when developing your online strategy you need to be marketing-led . By focusing on the importance of the long term relationship with your customers you will not be distracted by the lustful allures of the project life cycle.

Se7en deadly sins of online – SLOTH

We are uncovering w00tonomy’s take on the se7en deadly sins and the virtues of Content Marketing. These are the vices we’ve seen drag businesses into the express elevator to redesign hell. Going down!

SLOTH – failure to plan beyond launch

slothful homer This is the sin of indifference to your content and failure to make the most of what you have to market. It always happens after the dust of the project delivery has settled. The hustle and bustle of the project review meetings are a distant memory of post-it notes and cheap cofee. A good job has been done by one and all. But nobody has planned for what to do beyond the launch date.

Thinking and acting like a publisher is essential for seeing beyond the go-live date. Content marketing means a delivered site is just a tool to get started on the job of attracting an audience.

w00tonomy speaks!

David Petherick has done an interview with our very own Tony Purcell. In it you can hear Tony’s soothing Irish brogue explain how our content marketing approach increases traffic for our clients online messages. David has a number of other very interesting interviews, including one with Werner Vogels (or is it Verner Wogels) of Amazon.

Listen in, and find out a little more about content marketing in the social media sphere.

w00tonomy director relentlessly delivers nauseating self promotion

Stewart Kirkpatrick, our Content Marketing Director, has induced a bout of vomiting at w00tonomy with this self-serving communique:

“I have been elected to the New Media Industry Council of the National Union of Journalists (in a jobshare with Euan Williamson of Imagineering). Like nearly every large body, the NUJ has struggled with what the web means for today and tomorrow. I am delighted to have this opportunity to help guide its thinking.”

Stewart will also be speaking at the Sunday Herald’s Shaping Scotland’s Digital Future event – at 9am on 24 April at The Teacher Building, St Enoch Square, Glasgow – where he will be tarred and feathered by the rest of w00tonomy if he comes out with anything similar in tone to the above statement.

w00tonomising ourselves: content marketing in action

w00t stoogesDr Graham Jones
From Bolton, Graham brings to the company unprecedented levels of northern grimness, expertise in keeping coal in the bath and a mistaken belief that there is some kind of nobility in perpetual footballing failure. He holds a doctorate in “Y’know Doctorology N Stuff” from the respected Correspondence College of West Dakota (Cash Only). A master of technology his proudest possession is a ZX-81 which one day he hopes to learn to switch on.

Tony Purcell
Arch-technician, futurologist, visionary, entrepreneur: with the help of a dictionary Tony can spell nearly all these words. Struck down at an early age with Irishness, he is a man of strong convictions, most of which are judged to have lapsed under UK law. And he has integrated well into society thanks to the miracle of Guinness. His most prized possession is his complete box set of series 1-12 of Channel 5’s Pimp My Shirt.

Stewart Kirkpatrick
For many years the “Ling and Sand Eel Correspondent” of the Craphampton Evening Argus and Fish Smoker, Kirkpatrick was later promoted to the post of assistant editor and then bathroom attendant. His reputation is such that he was recently offered a frontline, customer-facing post by a multinational but chose instead to remain with w00tonomy. Truly, McDonald’s loss is our gain. His range of skills includes fiddling expenses, stealing other people’s stories and enthusiastic backstabbing. His proudest possession legally belongs to someone else.

Is this some kind of joke?
Yes. And no. You see, we are a content marketing agency. We preach that to get through to an audience you must first engage their interest, build a relationship with them and then direct them to your message. We practise what we preach. You can find out who we really are on the Who’s w00tonomy page. Of course, none of the things above about our directors are true (though you might want to press that Kirkpatrick guy on exactly what “entertaining contacts” means on his expenses claims).