PC vs MAC … which is the future? The definitive answer

It was once the great technology debate de nos jours: PC or Mac? Gates or Jobs? Windows or Leopard?

Now there is an answer. Take some dots. Join them up. Here are the numbers for how many devices people use globally:

Macs: 30+ million

PCs: 300+ million

Mobile phones: 3+ billion

Ladies and gentlemen, we have winner. And it’s in your pocket.

We know that not all of these users are browsing the Internet. But year on year with each wave of annual upgrades this is changing.

The implication for marketers and agencies out there is obvious for anyone who has tried to look at a page on a small screen. The importance of web design pales into insignificance against the usability, quality and format of the content.

To cater for your customers need to find content easily on a mobile device the prominence of your visual branding must be reduced. So the question is how do we convey the values and identity of our organisation ā€“ through our content.

3 Responses

  1. iphone is a triumph of marketing but O2 Orbit has the best interface (imho) and does many of the things the iphone does and more. Content over phone is most useful to me by geographic location – next train , bus, nearest restaurant….

  2. Good article chaps.

    Absolutely right on the money.

    Here’s my take on it, (based on and linked to a tremendous post looking at mobile.)


  3. Mike,

    You’re right. Ahonen’s piece is immense. And here’s the rub: “we have to like the ads”.


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