w00tonomising ourselves: content marketing in action

w00t stoogesDr Graham Jones
From Bolton, Graham brings to the company unprecedented levels of northern grimness, expertise in keeping coal in the bath and a mistaken belief that there is some kind of nobility in perpetual footballing failure. He holds a doctorate in “Y’know Doctorology N Stuff” from the respected Correspondence College of West Dakota (Cash Only). A master of technology his proudest possession is a ZX-81 which one day he hopes to learn to switch on.

Tony Purcell
Arch-technician, futurologist, visionary, entrepreneur: with the help of a dictionary Tony can spell nearly all these words. Struck down at an early age with Irishness, he is a man of strong convictions, most of which are judged to have lapsed under UK law. And he has integrated well into society thanks to the miracle of Guinness. His most prized possession is his complete box set of series 1-12 of Channel 5’s Pimp My Shirt.

Stewart Kirkpatrick
For many years the “Ling and Sand Eel Correspondent” of the Craphampton Evening Argus and Fish Smoker, Kirkpatrick was later promoted to the post of assistant editor and then bathroom attendant. His reputation is such that he was recently offered a frontline, customer-facing post by a multinational but chose instead to remain with w00tonomy. Truly, McDonald’s loss is our gain. His range of skills includes fiddling expenses, stealing other people’s stories and enthusiastic backstabbing. His proudest possession legally belongs to someone else.

Is this some kind of joke?
Yes. And no. You see, we are a content marketing agency. We preach that to get through to an audience you must first engage their interest, build a relationship with them and then direct them to your message. We practise what we preach. You can find out who we really are on the Who’s w00tonomy page. Of course, none of the things above about our directors are true (though you might want to press that Kirkpatrick guy on exactly what “entertaining contacts” means on his expenses claims).

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